Middle of the Road

This semi-dry cider is popular with the wine
enthusiasts. It has a slightly sweet aroma and
a smooth, clean finish. 6.9% ABV

Yup, That’s Dry!


Our flagship is a dry, tart, cider that is also crisp & refreshing.  For those looking to go the more
traditional cider route. 6.9% ABV


Almost Sweet Surrender

Fermented with ale yeast which gives it a
complex flavor profile. It falls somewhere
between a semi-dry and a semi sweet cider.
Try one and tell us what you think. 6.9% ABV


Rock the Raspbah


A berry blast of flavor brings this raspberry and marionberry cider a delightfully tart profile.     6.3% ABV

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Bomb

With a slight pepper bite, this semi-sweet cherry cider, along with southwestern chiles, is set to take Washington by storm. 6.3% ABV

Sunday Bloody Sunrise

This cranberry cider has a hint of blood orange and marionberry. 6.3% ABV

A Hazy Shade of Vintner

This is our flagship cider unfiltered. Excellent
demonstration of how the filtering process can change the profile of a cider. Cider maker’s favorite. 6.9%

Kiss My Pineapple

Bringing a taste of pineapple with a small hint of mango, guava, passionfruit and acai give this cider a wonderful topical flavor. 6.3%

Two Plums Up

Very Limited Edition – Locally sourced, hand-picked yellow and red plums blended with the Almost Sweet Surrender to provide a balance of sweetness and tartness. 6.0%